Benchmarc believes that the way to create outstanding solutions that meet the shopper's needs is to leverage the experience and knowledge of our clients.

chips Fact System

The time and effort spent on a marketing campaign for any brand must break through at retail to be successful.


How do we measure the success of an in-store concept? The FACT system® is Benchmarc's exclusive metric for determining how a program will work to address the needs of the brand, fit the retail environment, and, most importantly, attract shoppers. Of course, Benchmarc does all of this before concepts are implemented in-store, providing peace of mind that the investment made at retail is sound.

3d experience

The 3D Experience® is a collaborative process where Benchmarc, the Brand Team, and the Retail Team work together developing ground-breaking ideas to connect with the shopper. The process begins by researching and gaining a full understanding of the issues in the environment. Next, clients collaborate with Benchmarc's team to create concepts. Finally, we use our nearly four decades of experience to create solutions that are certain to perform when deployed in the retail environment.

The time and effort spent on a marketing campaign for any brand must break through at retail to be successful.

  • 1974

    The Beginning

    Two colleagues decide to start a P-O-P firm in Palatine, Illinois (the 'c' at the end of the Benchmarc comes from Marc, the name of one partner's son). Ironically, both partners initially saw this as little more than a temporary collaboration.

    Their first product: an Anco Wiper Blade Display. Additional projects quickly followed and the 'temporary' venture becomes far more permanent.

  • 1980

    Moving into Full Programs

    The company moves from building single displays to developing full display programs for clients.

    The General Motors service department program features multiple components that can fit into any brand of dealership.

  • 1982

    Thirty Years and Still Going Strong

    Seeing a need in the automotive aftermarket marketplace, the modular tire stand is introduced as the firm's first standard product.

    The longest-running product that Benchmarc has made, this versatile item is still in demand three decades later.

  • 1985

    Serving New Markets

    Expanding from the retail environment to challenges in the foodservice industry, the Kelloggs bulk cereal dispenser is created.

    Featuring a patented auger that will not jam up or crush cereal, it will become a common sight at dining facilities.

  • 1987

    Innovation Ahead of its Time

    Decades before current systems such as Red Box exist, Benchmarc designs and produces the first fully integrated video kiosk in a grocery store environment.

    Video selection was through an electronic touch pad, which was an industry first.

  • 1989

    Purpose-Built Facility

    After outgrowing their second location, the company moves into a new facility in Vernon Hills, Illinois.

    Among the unique features of the custom-built building are a glass-roofed atrium for collaboration meetings with the clients.

  • 1990

    Enhancing the Aisle

    Adding excitement to uninspiring gondola shelving, the first bannered gondola treatment in Toys R Us is developed.

    This Lego program was on the leading edge of the explosion of dress up themed kits in retailers.

  • 1991

    The Beginning of Shop In Shops

    Benchmarc produces one of the first fixture enhancement programs that creates a store-in-store environment.

    This modular approach in WalMart was ordered from a kit of parts that could fit stores of a wide range of sizes and layouts.

  • 1993

    More Services for our Clients

    Fully automated storage and shipping capabilities are now available for our customers, offering unparalleled efficiency in the industry.

    With the purchase of the Fulfillment Center, these services are significantly expanded, as well as the overall area for our storage and manufacturing capabilities.

  • 1994

    Turning Warehouse into Retail

    The ParkerStore concept is launched; what was once simply a storage space with a service desk becomes an organized, profitable shopping area.

    Offering computerized in-house space planning, Benchmarc is able to custom design installations for different store layouts worldwide.

  • 1995

    Bringing New Technology to Retail

    The Microsoft kiosk is developed, allowing shoppers to understand Windows software in-store.

    This is the first large point-of-purchase piece ever produced for Microsoft, and one of the first interactive computer displays at retail.

  • 1997

    Turnkey Solutions Provider

    In an effort to become a one-stop-shop for our display partners, Benchmarc becomes a distributor for Lozier fixtures.

    Now, in addition to offering enhancements for stock fixtures, we can provide the actual fixtures themselves for retail installations.

  • 1999

    Simplifying for the Brand and the Retailer

    A large, modular display program for Graco is released, the first of several that is developed for the spray equipment manufacturer.

    This global program combined what had once been a series of unrelated cabinet displays into one cohesive system to simplify production and ordering.

  • 2000

    Accelerating the Process

    MacGregor golf liked a concept presented for a fitting cart, but they had a very limited time to get it to market.

    Going directly from a sketch to finished tooling in just eight weeks, this fitting cart was a milestone in our efforts to speed production time and a precursor of things to come.

  • 2001

    Just For Fun- Plush Toys

    Benchmarc produces Animal Alley, a large global display program for Toys R Us stores worldwide.

    Having pioneered bannered gondola treatments in this same retailer years before, this new program pushes enhancements to the next level with dimensional dioramas and solar-powered, animated characters.

  • 2002

    Sharing the Knowledge

    In an effort to help our partners in the creation of retail displays, the first Nuts and Bolts of P-O-P Seminar is presented.

    Through this informative presentation, marketers and retailers learn what's involved in specifying and designing point of purchase displays from some of our experienced associates and participating in hands-on training activities.

  • 2004

    Painting a Better Concept

    Color chip displays are among the most complex displays to design, and the most time-consuming to develop.

    A unique and patented system developed by Benchmarc and Sherwin Williams dramatically increases the speed-to-market of retail displays.

  • 2006

    Rapid Prototyping for Rapid Manufacturing

    The addition of a three-dimensional printer enhances our state-of-the-art product development capabilities.

    By creating actual representations of parts, this machine cuts down the time required to build detailed prototypes, as well as allowing developers to quickly finalize tooling and part designs and get them into production quickly.

  • 2007

    Writing the Book on Point of Purchase

    The first printing of The Nuts and Bolts of P-O-P is made available. In this book, we share some of our four decades of experience to help others better understand the materials, processes, and terminologies involved in the creation of point of sale materials.

    Can The Nuts and Bolts of P-O-P be useful to you? You can order your own copy by clicking here.

  • 2009

    Exciting the Senses

    Shoppers often want to smell deodorant before they purchase it. Unfortunately, to do so they often spray the product all over the retail environment.

    To solve this issue, the innovative 'scent sniffer' aroma sampler is developed for Unilever, utilizing a scent-imbibed plastic under a flip-up cover.

  • 2010

    Point of Purchase History Discovered

    After 40 years, award-winning sculptures by Jim Krebs, one of Benchmarc's founders, are uncovered and restored.

    Click here to read more about this discovery.

  • 2011

    Establishing a Footprint

    The Crocs Merchandising System is developed to create multiple arrays of shop-in-shop layouts. Different finishes and graphics allow the system to visually blend in with any store.

    Web-based ordering is now offered to our customers, further allowing customization for any retailer.

  • 2012

    Sound Designs

    Klipsch partners with our firm to create a series of interactive displays for demonstrating their compact audio systems.

    Sharing the same visual language, the display system presents a unified look to the different Klipsch products.

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Much has been written about the theories, strategies, and design of point-of-purchase displays. But this book is different. It provides specific, detailed information on a subject essential to every P-O-P practitioner: the materials and processes available for the manufacture of point-of-purchase displays.

Nine information-packed chapters delve into the P-O-P fundamentals of:

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